They Dance To A Song Recorded in 2015. You Will Not Believe Who Partakes, INCREDIBLE!

There are people who can dance to a song and make you feel the words through their movements. Michael Binder is a man who knows a large bit about movies. His career involves writing about the movies that he has seen. Binder recently watched a video that features dance scenes from some of the best movies, but they were put together in one video with the song “Uptown Funk.”

He had the idea to create a similar video with songs from Golden Age movies. Binder started with movies from 1953 for his collection. There are several well-known dancers and singers in the video, such as Judy Garland and Shirley Temple, who are dancing to a rather popular song.

It took quite a while to come up with all of the clips, getting them edited so that the words are sung at just the right moment in the video to create the entire song. The end result is a video that is exciting to see.

The video is Binder’s own collaboration of “Uptown Funk” with clips from black and white movies as well as some of the older movies that many people grew up with that were wholesome to watch on TV.

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