These Marines Take The Dance Floor. But When They Do THIS That They Crowd Erupts Into Cheers

Some people might expect the birthday celebration of the Marine Corps to be a serious celebration used to award metals and give speeches on valor. They might not expect their celebration to have a dance floor, or that some Marines would stand up and dance to a parody of a Macklemore hit.

Yet, that’s exactly what happened.

It started out looking like the marching band was going to start playing. Instead, one Marine manning the DJ booth cut in with the “Thrift Shop” beat. Another Marine cut in with the beginning lyrics, marching calmly to the dance floor. Soon, another started the redone rap lyrics.

Then they were joined by the marching band, with bonus saxophone. Once it started, a whole group of Marines stood and started their choreographed dance routine. What really got the crowd excited wasn’t the dance – it was the specialized Marine focused lyrics. Macklemore’s traditional lyrics were replaced with words that fit the Marines. Where the original words referenced shopping at thrift shops, the redone lyrics talked about things like pilots coming back with their suits reeking of jet fuel and other things Marines would really understand.

As the video continues, it’s clear that Marines aren’t completely serious – they know how to play hard, have a good time, and show people how to enjoy themselves as well.

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