Soldier Is Paired With A Service Dog, Then He Loses Him. What Happens Next? I’m Crying

After a tour in Afghanistan, Lance Corporal Andrew Harmon came home to his wife and baby daughter. As happy as he was, he could not stop thinking about the faithful dog that he had to leave behind. He prayed daily to be reunited with Rebel, a yellow Labrador.

Harmon and Rebel spent every moment together for seven months. Rebel’s job was to sniff out IEDs, and he protected the lives of many soldiers. The human soldier and the brave dog shared an extraordinary bond, but the horror of the war finally took its toll on Rebel. He was retired after receiving a head injury from a bomb. A North Carolina woman adopted Rebel but found herself unable afford the vet bill when Rebel developed a tumor. She decided to call Harmon to reunite him with Rebel.

Harmon immediately took the dog into his home and managed to obtain the money to pay for Rebel’s medical treatment. The dog adjusted quickly to his new environment and now protects Harmon’s one-year-old daughter. The little girl feels safe and secure with the dog, just like her dad did in Afghanistan.

Harmon and Rebel both suffer from nightmares related to the war and sleep in each other’s arms for comfort. They are best friends for life.

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