Sleeping Baby Snuggles Up For Nap With 2 Tiny Puppies

Sleeping Baby Snuggles Up For Nap With 2 Tiny Puppies

The bond between a child and his or her dog can begin early in life. It can even begin when the child is still a baby. Puppies and babies are a natural combination of snugly love and care. When a puppy is introduced to a baby the two grow up together.

They build a close relationship with play time and nap time. When a child is in distress their best friend aka doggy becomes their protector and messenger. When ready to play there is always a willing partner, as well.

The strong bond between puppy to baby and dog to child has been evident throughout time. There have been many circumstances which show that dogs become the protective force for the defenseless. Dogs naturally want to be best of friends with children who they grow up with. As that best friend, they will do whatever it takes to look after their best interests.

While it is necessary for adult supervision, the process of building guided trust between child and dog is bound to be built. It just takes the time to allow the bond to happen and training to instill proper behavior as the puppy grows into a trusted companion. Having a canine companion is educational, builds trust, and offers an incomparable companion. Check out the video here!

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