SIX Black Bears Jump Into A Backyard Pool. Seconds Later? Everything gets wild…

One day Tim Basso looked out the window of his home, he could not believe what he saw. A family of bears was clambering into the swimming pool! Tim checked to make sure that his children, wife and dog were safe and uneaten. After he confirmed that everyone was okay, he pulled out his camera and started recording.

“They look like teddy bears don’t they!” You hear the mother say. The family seems highly entertained watching the bears in their pool. However, the youngest child is not so thrilled when she sees the mischievous bears snatching her floaty. The family got in touch with the police, but the officers said that there was not much they could do.

Mama bear and her cubs play around in the pool for a while before they decided to leave. Only a little bit of damage was taken by the pool toys, but Tim said that it was not a bad experience.

The video of the bears playing in the family’s pool has gone viral. It has received over 582,000 views on Facebook. It has also been shared over 6,600 times on Facebook. The clip has also been featured on Inside Edition.

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