Sisters Get Out Of Surgery And Their Drugged Drive Home Is A Riot! Anesthesia Comedians.

When twins Bri and Jess Watson went to the dentist’s for wisdom teeth surgery, they had no idea that they were about to become become drug-induced internet comedians. They were both obviously feeling the effects anesthesia had clearly made them both a little kooky after the surgery, and their parents did what any good parents should do given the circumstances and whipped out their phones to start recording.

Brunette Bri engages in some primping for the camera, fluffing her hair above her bandage-wrapped head in a gigantic crest. Blonde Jess sobs. Mumbling around their gauze, bits of conversation can be understood: “I can’t feel my face!” declares Bri. “I want to go home!” wails Jess. Then they break into sing along with the radio.

For twins, their reactions certainly can’t be more different, something that Mom points out. Poor Bri doesn’t want anyone to look at her, while Jess seems to be making the most of her situation. “Do you remember getting in the car?” she asks her sister. “Me either!”.

Their parents can be forgiven for stopping the car to film and encouraging their daughters to talk. We’re all the more entertained for it. So next time you or a relative is drug-loopy from a surgery, do the right thing and get a phone camera ready. You ma6 be the next unexpected  internet sensation! Check out the video and

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