She Steps Gingerly Onto The Dance Floor, But Make Sure You Keep Your Eyes On Her Dog. WOW!

Who would have thought humans and dachshunds could make great dance partners? In this video, a woman named Emily comes out to the dance floor with her weiner dog Henrietta.

It starts with Emily in the middle of the room when the music begins, an upbeat number straight out of the 1930s or 1940s. Henrietta can be seen sitting in the back of the room, then comes running through Emily’s legs. What follows are a couple of twirls, some running, then some very good choreographed moves with Henrietta dashing through Emily’s legs again and again. Emily then sashays back and forth, with her pup right at her side and running through her legs.

At one point, Emily stops, then bends her legs out to the sides. Henrietta doesn’t miss a beat and leaps through them. That, however, is not the most impressive part. Henrietta actually starts to trot backwards, following Emily and running through her legs again. A couple of more twirls follow, then comes the finale. Emily tosses her hat across the room, then lays on the floor. Henrietta runs over to get it, jumps on Emily’s back and places it on her head.

The best, and maybe most remarkable aspect of all this, is how both Emily and her dog keep near perfect time with the music.

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