She Looks Like A Regular 8 Year Old Girl. But Once She Opens Her Mouth Everyone Is Stunned

An 8-year-old gets on stage with no shoes or socks. She has roses in her hair. This young girl enjoys listening to music, and she has her favorite songs. When she hears a favorite song, she likes to sing. One of her favorites is by Whitney Houston. It’s the song called “I Will Always Love You.”

As a toddler, this young girl could sing. She found out how to find the video on YouTube so that she could practice singing. Billie Holiday soon discovered the talented girl, and she made an appearance on the show “Norske Talent.” This is a show that is similar to “America’s Got Talent.” This show gave her a chance to sing for more people than just her friends and family.

The talented girl won the competition when she sung a song by Gershwin. She has since sung in several festivals and made appearances at classical music celebrations.

There have been thousands of people who have seen her sing. Although she doesn’t have a lot of experience in life, she mesmerizes people with her stunning voice. She has the talent that will take her far in life, perhaps as far as one of her idols, Angelina Jordan.

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