She Gets Pulled Over And Tells The Cop She Murdered Someone. But What Happens Next? LOL!

She Gets Pulled Over And Tells The Cop She Murdered Someone. But What Happens Next? LOL!

When you get pulled over by a police officer for speeding, you might get a little nervous and say the wrong thing. This can happen to anyone, so it’s an embarrassment that almost all of us have in common; however, we can all rest a little easier at night knowing our own gaffe pales in comparison to what this woman said to the cop who flagged her down. Enjoy this recap of the event, which escalated at an unusually rapid pace.

Officer: “Can I see your license please?”

After being given this typical request, the lady immediately blurted out, “I’d give it to you but I don’t have one.” When the shocked policeman implores further, she extrapolates with more self-incrimination by blatantly saying that she “lost it 4 times for drunk driving.” While this might look alarming already, it was only just the beginning of her roadside antics. The behavior that followed seemed even more appallingly dumb, but it was all shrewdly calculated in the end.

”Can I see your vehicle registration papers please?”

When the driver heard the cop say this to her, she immediately responded by saying, “I can’t do that.” In an even greater show of poor judgment, the woman followed up by bluntly retorting, “I stole this car.” The bewildered officer asked her explain, and she gave him more of a story than he ever bargained for.

The Murder Confession

When she was inquired about the auto theft, the driver raised the stakes by casually declaring, I killed and hacked up the owner… His body parts are in plastic bags in the trunk if you want to see.” This appalling confession changed the interaction, and the police officer makes a request for back-up assistance. Within five minutes, the vehicle is surrounded by squad cars. The lady behind the wheel acted completely unfazed by the drama surrounding her, which only made her seem more deranged. Another officer approached the window and asked her to step outside of the car. Here’s how it all went down:

The Stunning Reveal

At first, the woman innocently replies, “Is there a problem sir?” In response, the officer, who is clasping a partially drawn gun, yells, “One of my officers told me that you have stolen this car and murdered the owner.” She acts completely oblivious to the accusation. Then the officer shouts, “Could you please open the trunk of your car?.” Without hesitation, the girl obliges. After being opened, the trunk is shown to be completely empty. Taken aback, the cop then asks, “Is this your car, ma’am?” Immediately, she says, “Yes, here are the registration papers.” Now the tables are turned, and the first officer is left looking very beleaguered. Still, what happened next will truly blow your mind!

The Dramatic Conclusion

The second officer doesn’t back down yet, and he follows up by deadpanning, “One of my officers claims that you do not have a driving license.” She is then allowed to reach into her clutch purse, and she obtains a copy of her license for the officers to see. At this interval, the new cop once again reiterated the list of charges being made by the previous dispatch. When he was done stating everything, she unleashed her cunning plan. She angrily scowled and uttered, “Betcha the lying bastard told you I was speeding too.” Without recording equipment on the scene, no speeding ticket was written. They had no choice but to let her go. It turns out that she was a secret genius after all!

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