She Died Just 5 Days After Her Wedding. The Story Of Her Life Will Tear Your Heart Apart…

When someone gets married, you don’t really think about the time that they have to spend with each other. Most couples look forward to spending the rest of their life together, not knowing when the final days of the one half of the couple might come. One woman got married to the love of her life, and only a few days after the wedding, she took her final breaths.

Katie was a young woman who wanted love and found that in her husband. She found out that she had lung cancer, but she knew that she wanted to get married before she passed away. The woman was only 21 when she succumbed to lung cancer. A few days before her wedding, she had to begin taking morphine in order to deal with the pain of the cancer.

She went through her last bout of chemotherapy and experienced organ failure before her wedding. However, she knew that she wanted to get down the aisle so that she could be in her wedding dress and marry the man she loved. Five days after her wedding, Katie passed away.

The couple experienced the pain of Katie going through cancer together. She had an oxygen tank to help her breathe. None of this slowed the love that Katie’s husband felt for her. Their story is one of true love from the moment they first met.

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