She Abandons Her 1-Day-Old Baby. 2 Decades Later, She Learns The Truth Behind Her Identity…

Jennifer came into this world without any legs. It was because of her legless condition that her parents left her as a ward of the state. Fortunately, Jennifer was soon taken into the loving care of Sharon and Gerald Bricker, of Hardinville, Illinois. This couple gave Jennifer the confidence she and resolve she was sorely missing from her birth parents, compelling her to excel as a gymnast.

Growing up, Jennifer idolized the Romanian-American gymnast and gold medalist from the Atlanta Olympics of 1996, Dominique Moceanu. While most parents might have told Jennifer to keep her dreams “realistic,” Jennifer’s adopted parents gave her all the support she could ask for. Filled with confidence and support from her family, Jennifer excelled in gymnastics and claimed a championship by age seven. As she continued to practice and improve as a tumbler, Jennifer also became an avid player of basketball and baseball. Her tumbling award at age seven would prove to be only the first stepping stone in a career that would bring her all the way to a state gymnastics championship.

Having come so far from so low a start in life, Jennifer inquired about her birth parents and wondered what her last name might have been had those parents been more courageous. As if by some quirk of fate or providence, Sharon confessed to her daughter that her birth parents’ surname was Moceanu, the same surname that belonged to her childhood hero and athletic idol. As Jennifer pored over the pages of adoption documents, she discovered that she was Dominique’s sister; furthermore, Dominique had another, younger, sister in Christina.

These days, Jennifer lives independently in Hollywood, California, rationalizing it as the best place to be in order to maximize her chances at becoming a famous star. She drives a vehicle modified to accommodate her absent legs. Currently, she works as an acrobat and performer and has been involved in productions related to several celebrities and starlets.

Jennifer’s childhood home of Hardinville is in an unincorporated part of Crawford County, Illinois. Two of Jennifer’s other major claims to fame are that she was the state of Illinois’ first high-school-level tumbling champion with a physical handicap and that she received an Inspiration Award from the United States Tumbling & Trampoline Association in 1998.

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