See How Many Dumb things Sarah Palin said about ISIS, Ronald Reagan, and history

Sarah Palin has developed quite a knack for saying dumb things and this week has been no different. This week she is upset that the President is looking to Iran for help in fighting ISIS. She relates asking Iran to help as a move to “trust the enemy” even though the United States has never declared war on Iran. She also claims that Iran was complicit in the rise of ISIS, even though Iran has been at war with ISIS for quite awhile.

She also claiming that Obama’s foreign policy is not aligned with Reagan’s because he is handing the United States’ Big Stick of strength and giving it to the enemy. Sarah Palin continues to be one of the most paranoid conservatives in the Republican base.

Apparently searching for allies in the Middle East is now the equivalent of “paling around with terrorists” and thus the United States should go to war with ISIS by itself. These latest statements from Sarah Palin show just how out of touch with the actually situation that American policymakers face in the Middle East. This kind of rhetoric is crazy and given that she is being widely broadcast it is also dangerous rhetoric.

There is no telling what Mrs. Palin will say next week, but you probably will hear about it.

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