Sanders: Clinton ‘Infinitely Better’ On Worst Day Than ANY Republican Candidate

Bernie Sanders was recently interviewed by George Stephanopoulos (wow, that last name is a mouthful – I’m going to refer to that guy as George). George asked Sanders to clarify several statements that he had made in the Boston Globe. In the Boston Globe, Sanders allegedly stated:

“I disagree with Hillary on virtually everything.”

He also stated that, as the campaign grinds on, he has begun to disagrees with Hillary more and more. In the interview, Sanders expressed that he disagreed with Hilary Clinton on “a lot of issues”. However, he also stated that Hillary Clinton would make a better president than any republican candidate. This of course, is commonly accepted amongst anyone with half of a half of a brain. A quarter-brain, that is.

In fact, he stated that Hilary would make a better president on her worst day than any republican candidate on their best day. George asked Sanders if his agreements with Hillary outweighed the disagreements that they had. Sanders went on to explain that the answer to that question is both yes and no. He went on to say outline several very significant differences between him and Hillary Clinton and some of the issues that he and Hillary disagreed on.

One of the key issues was the difference in their approach to solving wealth and income equality in the United States. Sanders called income and wealth equality in the United States “grotesque.” Hillary Clinton is currently leading in the polls for the democratic nomination.

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