Rookie Firefighter Made The Biggest Mistake Ever. He Fell Asleep In Class Then THIS Happened

In a brief 24-second video, a sleeping Russian firefighter is conned by his fellow comrades into believing that a fire alarm has been sounded. First posted on June 8, 2014, the video has garnered over 64,000 views on You Tube, but only 10 comments.

The firefighter is shown sleeping at a table in what appears to be a windowless room for the first three seconds until the alarm is heard. Knowing what’s about to take place, another firefighter is seen filming the prank with his phone.

Once the alarm has been sounded, the now-awakened firefighter now begins to make frantic efforts to quickly leave the room, which results in howls of laughter from the other firefighters.

To make the prank even more realistic, another firefighter sitting next to him at the table stands up, while another follows right behind the pranked individual.

However, when the formerly-sleeping individual reaches the door, he finds it locked and falls to the ground. At that point, the video comes to an abrupt end.

One of the commenters on the video notes that many firefighters tend to be more amenable to practical jokes of this nature. This is likely due to the combination of long hours of waiting for the next emergency call and the tension that comes with such a high-pressure job.

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