Report: Swedish ‘National Security Advisor’ Interviewed On Fox News Unknown to Swedish Officials

“The O’Reilly Factor”, which is a show that is on the Fox News channel, recently had two journalists with inaccurate credentials. One of the journalists, whose name is Anne-Sofie Naslund, talked about the defense and national security in Sweden on the show.

Nils Bildt, who was also featured on the show, talked about the immigration policy in the country. However, a recent report stated that the Swedish foreign ministry had never heard of Nils.

The newspaper stated that Nils came to the United States from Sweden back in 1994. He stated that he did not tell Fox News to introduce him with the credentials. However, Fox News defended their decision. They stated that they had pre-interviewed Nils. They also stated that he was recommended by numerous sources.

David Tabacoff is the executive producer of “The O Reilly Factor,” stated that everyone agreed that Nils would be a great choice. The booker had reached out to Nils several times prior to bringing him on the show. Not only did the network pre-interview him, but they also read his biography. Bill O’Reilly has not addressed this issue yet. However, he is expected to address it on his show in the near future.

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