Rep. Blackburn: “Hillary Clinton Should Be ‘Gracious’ to Trump Because She Has a Vagina”

Rep. Blackburn stated she is embarrassed that Hillary Clinton has not graciously accepted defeat, and this has caused quite a stir.

The US House of Representative from Tennessee’s 7th district spoke to Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union where she shared her feelings of Hillary Clinton’s most recent crusade. Clinton has admitted that she might have made mistakes during her campaign and does not blame anyone but herself for her loss, but she will not shy away from obvious factors that also contributed to the loss.

Clinton pointed out that the email scandal damaged her reputation as well as the FBI statements. Still, it seems that Blackburn does not care that Clinton admitted fault because she is pointing out factors that contributed to her defeat.

It seems that women like Clinton or herself must be better role models. There is nothing wrong with saying that women in power like Clinton and Blackburn should be better role models. The problem is that Blackburn believes that Clinton should be ‘gracious’ and accept defeat because she is a woman, not because she is a person in power.

Blackburn continued to say that Clinton is just being bitter and is blaming everyone else for her loss. It seems she would prefer if Clinton accepted Trumps ascension to presidency without protest, even though Clinton did attend Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

Now, it does not seem like Blackburn is a stranger to controversial statements nor controversies. For one, she continued to proclaim that death panels were a real thing in the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) even though that has been proven to be false. This definitely angered a few people at a time when the Affordable Care Act was in danger.

She also promoted a bill that criminalized any abortion after 22 weeks’ gestation. The only exception to this criminalization was to be if the woman was raped or suffered from incest. This was after the initial sponsor of the bill, Trent Franks, said that a pregnancy would not likely happen from rape, which is utterly wrong and was met with much anger. Many women felt betrayed by Blackburn’s choice to support this bill since it targeted women, especially since its sponsor said he believed rape does not usually cause pregnancy.

It is clear that Marsha Blackburn has not been in the forefront of woman’s rights. Her statements regarding Hillary and the shame she is bringing to woman because she is not gracious enough to bow down to Trump without protest should not be surprising.

Blackburn’s statements could be seen as sexist, and many women think they were not appropriate. It is not surprising for a number of reasons that this politician said such things. For one, she supported Trump early on in his run for presidency. This was around the time when he spoke about how he could simply grab women because he is famous. She supported him even after news came out about his habit of going into beauty pageant dressing rooms to see the girls undress. She supported Trump even though he used the menstruation cycle to speak ill of a female moderator during a televised debate.

None of these scandals and realities about Trump made her think twice about her position on Trump. Knowing a little more about Blackburn and who she is makes it very clear why she would expect women to bow down to men. It is also easy to understand how she would find it embarrassing to see a woman fail to give a man the respect that men, even men like Trump, are simply owed.

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