PSA: Check Your Grapes.One Lady Just Found THIS Deadly Thing Lurking Inside Hers. GROSS

Ariel Jackson was in the grabbing some grapes when she saw discovered something heart-stopping beneath them. A huge black spider had somehow crawled inside of the bag of grapes. Ariel started to panic. Her boyfriend came in the room, and he confirmed that it was a black widow.

Ariel decided to call non-emergency lines to find out how to properly handle the spider. Unfortunately, all of the lines were closed. She then decided to call 911 as a last resort, even though this was very obviously NOT an emegency. The 911 operators told her to just kill the spider. So Ariel’s boyfriend and brother dosed the arachnid with insecticide and killed it.

Ariel says that she is still shaken up by the ordeal because she’d never seen a black widow spider before. Her boyfriend says she’s freaked out about the smallest things because of the incident. PTSD probably. Walmart gave Ariel a refund and released a statement saying that it is their goal and duty to provide people with quality, fresh food that is black widow-less from now on.

Not surprisingly, this is not the first time that a black widow has made its way into somebody’s grapes. In May 2015, a woman in Vermont was hospitalized because she was bitten by a black widow spider she found in her grapes. Check your grapes before you get poisoned everybody.

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