New Poll Reveals Something About Conservatives That Will Make Them Whine Like a Baby

New Poll Reveals Something About Conservatives That Will Make Them Whine Like a Baby

According to the spin the political Left put on a recent poll by the Pew Research Center, the values that parents instill in their children differ according to the political ideology of the parents. Parents who are liberals focus on values such as tolerance for other people (except Christians, conservatives, those who do not believe in global warming, and those who do not support abortion).

They also instill in their children a desire to express their creative side. Parents who are conservative instill in their children a belief in God, and the value of being obedient to the commandments such as love thy neighbor, do good unto others, etc.

However, much of what parents teach their children remains the same regardless of political ideology. In fact, the poll found that liberals differ very little from conservatives in terms of what they teach their children across a wide range of important categories.

However, the political left seized on the poll’s findings to underscore their belief that while liberal children are taught to be creative little geniuses who show loving tolerance to all, conservative children are brain washed into being block-headed Bible thumpers. In doing so, they undercut their own implied superior “upbringing” by openly displaying their intolerance of Christians and conservatives.

The actual finding of the Pew Research Center poll was that people generally teach the same values to their children regardless of liberal or conservative dogma. This was evident in the nearly identical value parents of both ideologies placed on the values of hard work, responsibility, being well-mannered, helping others, independence, and patience.

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