Mom Who Is Battling Brain Cancer Loses Her Purse. But Who Returns It Shocks Everyone In Town

The honest actions of a 32-year-old homeless man in State College, Pennsylvania proved to be a godsend for the single mother who lost her purse with $348 inside, given that woman is currently in a fight for her life while battling a brain tumor.

After the man woke up after sleeping on a park bench in Sidney Friedman Park, he then waited to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at a nearby church. At that point, he discovered an unattended purse that had the cash as well as an Access card. After very briefly considering keeping the money and card, the man decided that his faith precluded him from taking the money. He then began to look for the woman who had lost the purse.

The man, who stated that he was originally from Boston and had been living on the streets of State College for several weeks, went to the nearest homeless shelter, with the staff there able to find the woman. When told about the woman’s plight, the homeless man became emotional and became even more convinced that he had done the right thing.

A local television station that covered the story informed its audience that neither of the individuals wanted to go on camera or have their personal meeting filmed. However, it was reported that the grateful woman gave the man a heartfelt hug. The man wanted no credit for his actions that he took, saying that it was simply the right thing for him to do.

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