Mom Hands Child $20 And Disappears Forever. 12 Years Later, He Leaves An Entire Town In Shock…

Three brothers were abandoned by their mother when they were very young. The mother gave them $20 for food and told them that she was never going to see them again, and aftewards the three brothers were separated and put into foster care. Jose was only 12 years-old when he was separated from his two brothers. However, he vowed that he would be reunited with them one day.

He also vowed that he would buy a house, and the family would never be separated again. Jose began working when he entered eighth grade. He worked several odd jobs, but his hard work eventually paid off. Jose became the assistant branch manager of the Lemon Grove Library, which is located in San Diego. He worked for 10 years and saved up $15,000 for a house down payment.

It was not the biggest house in the world, but Jose was happy to call it home. Diane Cox works at Just In Time, which is a foster care organization. She heard about Jose’s story, and she wanted to help. She got a group of volunteers together, and they helped renovate the house. Jose was also reunited with his brothers, Mario and Juan.

Mario and Juan had no idea that Jose had planned this reunion for several years. Jose stated that the reunion was just like he wanted it to be. Although they sometimes argue, they are still a family. That is what is really important.

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