Koch Brothers Sends Punks To Rome To Make The Pope Shut Up About Climate Change

Koch Brothers Sends Punks To Rome To Make The Pope Shut Up About Climate Change

The Heartland Institute, which is backed by Conservative billionaires David and Charles Koch, has decided to send a number of scientists to Vatican City in an attempt to convince Pope Francis to change his comments concerning the growing threat of climate change.

The decision by the Institute was made after the Pope announced that he would be meeting with the secretary-general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon. The topic of their discussion was expected to primarily be related to how those who craft policy and individual religious leaders can stem the tide of continuing damage to the environment from climate change.

Heartland issued a a statement that read, “The Vatican’s summit features two men–Ban Ki-Moon and Harvard economist Jeffrey Sachs–who refuse to acknowledge the abundant data showing human greenhouse gas emissions are not causing a climate crisis and there is no need for a radical reordering of global economies that will cause massive reductions in human freedom and property.”

The scientists that will travel to try and convince the Pope otherwise have had their credibility attacked by critics who say that they are biased because they are simply paid spokesman who have received research money from gas and oil companies.

The Kochs, who among their many businesses, own coal mines that have helped contribute to the controversial issue, are attempting to have a strong voice in the 2016 elections. They have reportedly pledged to spend close to $1 billion to help elect Republican candidates who will further their overall goals.

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