Karma Strikes Back: Price-Gouging Pharma Bro CEO, Shkreli Arrested For Fraud

Karma Strikes Back: Price-Gouging Pharma Bro CEO, Shkreli Arrested For Fraud

Martin Shkreli has often been referred to as “America’s most hated man” lately. His actions have brought attention to some serious issues with health care within the United States. Shkreli first became notorious after he increased the price of a necessary drug by 5000%, and he continues to gain public hatred even after these illegal exploits.

A few months ago, Shkreli managed to buy the rights to Daraprim, which is an anti-parasite drug that is used to treat people suffering from HIV/AIDS. The drug originally only cost $13.50, but Shkreli increased the price to $750. Since the drug almost literally keeps people alive, out of necessity HIV/AIDS patients were left with no other choice, and they had to spend exorbitant amounts to treat their illness.

After a huge public outcry, Shkreli promised to lower the cost of the drug, but he did not actually change his ways. As soon as everyone forgot about him, he quit trying to change the cost of Daraprim. Instead of stopping his abhorrent behavior, Shkreli continued to try to rip off the sick. His next action was to buy the rights to another essential drug, benznidazole, which treats a common disease in Latin America. Shkreli was planning to increase the cost from $100 to $100,000. Though all of this price-gouging has made Shkreli into a hated public figure, it is not “téchnically” illegal.

However, as it turns out this scums sucking sack of Shkreli was in fact breaking the law at his previous job (big surprise!). Shkreli used to work at Retrophin, where he also increased the cost of a kidney stone medication from $1.50 to $30. At Retrophin, Shkreli used company funds to pay his private debts. The details of this are all still a little vague, but the piont is: Shkreli was just arrested. Somewhere the bells of justice are ringing.

Supposedly, Shkreli was scamming investors in another business, and he used Retrophin’s funds to pay off the claims of those defrauded investors. The arrests may not technically have anything to do with Shkreli’s price gouging, but it is still exceptionally satisfying to see this despicable and greedy man finally behind bars.

Anyone willing to take advantage of the sick and the poor is also willing to break laws to enrich himself. As more details about the fraud at Retrophin are revealed, Shkreli continues to prove that he deserves the public vitriol that his antics have gained. Rot in prison you human-jackal.

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