It Took 11 Days And 4,466 Of THESE To Create An American Flag Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen!

It Took 11 Days And 4,466 Of THESE To Create An American Flag Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen!

If you’re ever stared at artwork only to feel 100 percent confused and baffled, there’s nothing strange about you. This happens to a lot of people. They just don’t always like to share that information. Not knowing a lot about art can sometimes make people feel more than a little embarrassed and awkward. If I see artwork and feel bewildered, I react in the only way that seems natural and appropriate to me. I simply smile and act like a fan of it. This usually works out well, though. Great artwork is often just something my poor brain can’t easily identify. There are many people out there who are beyond familiar with all of the planet’s greatest works. There are also many others out there who have no clue what’s going on. I’m unfortunately a part of the second category.

Jacob Feazel is a teenager who also happens to be an avid artist. He’s about to graduate from Maconaquah High School. If you quickly glance at Feazel’s art, you may make the mistake of assuming it’s an image of a standard United States flag exactly like countless others. If you get the chance to look more carefully, however, you’ll discover that it’s not that at all. You’ll actually be amazed by what your eyes realize.

This artwork was a project that required a lot of dedication and time. Feazel spent days and days working on it. He didn’t complete this art project for 11 full days, to be specific. The project called for a lot of preparation and planning. Feazel needed to obtain close to 5,000 toy soldiers for this artwork. He actually acquired 4,466 of them. The flag is made up entirely of little toy soldiers.

The Indiana resident’s American flag ended up being truly breathtaking. People who casually glance over at the flag initially don’t realize just how fascinating it is. It’s impossible to deny just how dedicated an individual Feazel is. Most people lack the patience necessary to complete such a painstaking and time-consuming project.

Feazel’s American flag isn’t just a symbol of care and dedication, either. It’s also a symbol of pure innovation and imagination. Most people could spend days pondering an art project and never think to make a flag using toy soldiers. That idea is absolutely ingenious. Feazel definitely has a strong inventive streak that’s sure to work out well for him in the future. This young man should definitely think about pursuing an art education in college. He should also definitely think about pursuing an enriching career in the art field.

Feazel’s career options aren’t limited to the art realm, either. This teen is clearly a patriotic person. He clearly has a lot of love for his home nation. His love for the United States will surely be an asset for him in the future. It’s always wonderful to see a young person who is happy and proud of the nation that reared him and made him who he is today. Feazel should definitely consider finding a career that showcases his appreciation for the United States and all it has to offer the world.

The United States flag Feazel handcrafted is beautiful and magnetic. If you see this flag, you know just how difficult it is to tear your eyes away from it. That’s why the flag has been a sensation on the Internet. Web surfers everywhere can’t resist looking at this amazing flag.

Dave Cole is a modern artist who served as Feazel’s inspiration for this project. Cole’s work is on display at the renowned Rhode Island School of Design Museum. Feazel and Cole are both immensely talented artists.

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