It Starts Off With Clues in A Backpack for Her Bday. What They Lead To Left Her Sobbing. Wow!

We all hear stories about how much kids can be a pain. Now and then, we’ll hear stories that make us realize how intelligent, and gracious children can be. A little girl thought that mom was just giving her a pretty backpack filled with all of her favorite Disney goodies for her birthday present.

She opens the backpack and, one by one, pulls out each present. What’s impressive is her awareness of the gift and the wonderment of how her mom could have known what she wanted for her birthday. “How did you know I wanted this? How? How?” the little girl belts out.

Then, her mom asks her daughter a thought-provoking question. “Where do you think we should take all of this? If you could take it anywhere, where would you like to go?” Meekly and with hope-beyond-hope, the little girl forces a cute, puzzled smile. Then mom says the words that would put a mile-long smile on any child’s face. “Disneyland.”

The little girl is so overcome with joy that she breaks down into uncontrollable sobs. It’s about both the child and her parents getting it right! Unfortunately, not all parents can make the trek to Disneyland with their family, but in this instance, few could argue that the memory of this Disneyland trip will last a lifetime.

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