In The Middle Of A Wedding This Kid Stands Up And Gives The Groom The Shocker Of His Life

A flash mob is a group that performs unusual and pointless acts in public places. A woman named Shannon got married in 2013. She wanted to surprise her new husband, Rick. She invited students from The Music Depot School Of Music to perform at the wedding. The students appeared as though they were guests at the wedding. The bride walked down the aisle. The ceremony proceeded as normal.

When the kids got their cue, the students began singing. One boy stood up and started singing “Chapel Of Love.” The other students soon joined him. After that, the guitar players started playing their guitar. You can tell that both the groom and the people in the audience were pleasantly surprised.

The video of the newlywed couple being serenaded by the students has gone viral. It has been viewed over 4.8 million times on YouTube. The Music Depot School Of Music is an organization that gives students private and group music lessons. Once students get musical experience, they have the opportunity to participate on performance teams.

The teams perform at various events throughout the year. The Music Depot School Of Music is committed to making sure that every child gets to experience music in their own way regardless of their background.

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