I Can’t Believe What Happened When This Grandma Took A Huge Dog Out For A Walk! OOPS!

I am watching when this little grandmother looking woman took her dog for a walk. This was no little bitty dog. She must have had to coax her dog with treats.

She threw those treats and then I could not believe my eyes! What happened next was totally shocking and hilarious! I should let you know that this was a big dog and I do mean huge. I could not believe what happened.

I am glad I got this one on camera. I am sure glad I did! Of course, this shocking moment could have gone so many ways.

I sure do hope that this grandma does not do this again. Do you suppose that she learned something from this? I sure hope so, for her sake. Although, I have to tell you, it would make me stare in shock all over again.

Of course, I would have to film and show this hilarious moment! It was too funny! I cannot stop laughing after all this time. Go see for yourself and tell me what you think. I would love to hear what you think about this. It is sure to bring on a lot of discussion. I cannot wait to see what you think.

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