Homeless Father Steps In For Mom, Tries To Save Her Puppies

When you look at someone who appears to be homeless, or even an animal that appears to be homeless, you might think that there is nothing that can be done. A rescue organization received a call about a family of dogs that appeared to be without a home. It was a mother and her three children. They were at a construction site in California, and this was a dangerous area for the animals to live.

Members of the group went to the site and started playing with the puppies. They tried to find the mother, but she wasn’t anywhere around. The puppies looked like they were hungry, so the group gave them food. This seemed to make the puppies feel better, and they started playing more.

The mother came out of a pipe near where the puppies were playing. The group tried to get all of the puppies and the mother into a van so that they could receive proper care before being placed for adoption. That’s when the group made a realization about the dogs.

They thought that the mother was the one caring for them, but it was the father who was taking care of the puppies. That’s why the dogs didn’t have any food because the dad couldn’t provide the milk they needed. The mother hadn’t been spotted, but there are people who are looking for her.

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