His Wife Filed For Divorce When He Was Protecting Our Country. But His Great Dane Made It All Better

When someone goes to another country to fight for the safety of the United States, you don’t expect the people who are left behind at home to simply abandon pets or other people. One man had to spend a year in Korea.

He had to leave behind one of his best friends, his Great Dane. While he was in Korea, his wife filed for divorce and left the dog behind as well. She did give the dog to a friend of the family so that he wasn’t out on the streets.

There is a bright side. The man’s parents were able to find an organization called PACT. It helps to place pets with loving families who care for the animals while their owners are not able to be at home with them. There are no charges for this service, and it often works with those who are in the military.

A family was thrilled to take in the dog until the man could return home. He got pictures of the dog at holidays and was able to see videos of him while he was away. As soon as the man returned from Korea, he was reunited with his best friend in a joyous celebration.

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