His Aggressive, Ill-Mannedred Attidude Was Overcome By One Eldrly womans Act Of Kindness

Just a few weeks ago, a burly man startled passengers of the Metro in Vancouver, Canada. The large man was not in his right mind and in fact, appeared be teetering on the brink of acceptable sanity… However, the cause of his erratic behavior has since been attributed to heavy amounts of drugs. Not Surprising. But nonetheless, the large man’s shouting and obscene gestures worried everyone who was on the train.

The innocent people stood back and watched as the frightening man went insane. A 25-year-old man named Ehab Taha pulled out his cell phone and decided to record the man. But, Ehab had no idea of the amazing moment that would soon transpire. As the crazy man was freaking out, an elderly woman decided to calm him down.

Ehab Taha couldn’t believe his eyes, and the people on the train were worried as well. Everyone thought that the 70-year-old woman was going to be assaulted. BUT, her calming touch actually soothed the erratic man. After a few minutes, the scary man’s drug induced rage eventually dissipated. The elderly woman simply grabbed the man’s hand, and his strange behavior miraculously stopped.

The crazy man fell down to the train’s floor, and he began crying. The entire moment was caught on camera by Ehab Taha. The video has already gone viral on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Once the train reached its scheduled stop, the scary man got up and walked away. But, before he left, he thanked the old woman for calming him. The crazy man even called her grandma.

After the incident was over, Ehab Taha asked the elderly woman why she decided to help such a scary man. The old woman stated that he needed a loving touch. Believe it or not, the elderly woman was right, and she ended up saving everyone on the Canadian train from the crazy man’s erratic behavior.

His Aggressive, Ill-Mannedred Attidude Was Overcome By One Eldrly womans Act Of Kindness

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