Hilarious, Jimmy Kimmel Films People Confessing Stories to Their Dads

Jimmy Kimmel hit the pavement this Father’s Day to promote dad-child bonding as only Kimmel can. Pinning down father-child pairs roaming the streets of LA, he asked people to come clean about the mischief they’d always hid from their fathers.

Among the stories of dodging paternal punishment by hiding self-bought cell phones, family property sold in the quest for fast food, and a kid feeding his dog daily popsicles (“I guess that’s why the dog’s not with us anymore,” said Dad), several confessions involved considerable property damage.

One father seemed pleased to discover the source of mysterious burn marks that had appeared on his bathroom walls, forcing a remodeling project. Another father realized that his son threw a blow-out party while he was on vacation, a party that involved the police.

He wins the cool dad award by saying nothing more than, “so that where all the toilet paper went.” Not every father took the confessions with a wink and a knowing smile. When a teenager daughter came clean about the year-old tattoo on her hip, the father made a point of giving her the patented ‘Dad’ look. “We’ll talk about this later,” he said. Let’s hope they’re still talking.

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