Hero Pulls Shirt Off His Back To Help Wounded Dog On The Brink Of Death

Hero Pulls Shirt Off His Back To Help Wounded Dog On The Brink Of Death

In the majority of Brazilian cities, stray dogs are a common occurrence. Fortunately for the dogs of Brazil, there are people like Wilson Martins Coutinho who give this the problem the attention it deserves.

Stray dogs which are also referred to as community dogs line the streets of Brazil, and while fed by the general population, still have difficult lives. While it is hard to pinpoint the exact number of these dogs that exist in a country the size of Brazil, the ASPCA estimates that estimates that hundreds of thousands if not one million dogs are homeless in the country.

Recently, the aforementioned, Coutinho stumbled upon a dog with a particular gruesome head wound. Knowing that there was not much time left to save the dog, Coutinho took off his shirt and wrapped it around the dog, who happened to be named Luciano. Having had some veterinary training previously, Luciano was able to take the dog inside his home and his dress his wound.

Due to the severity of the wound, Luciano would not have survived had Coutinho not dressed the dog’s wound before taking him to receive veterinary care. Upon completion of this process, Coutinho brought Luciano to the vet where he received medicine, was re-bandaged and given ample time to heal. In time, Luciano healed, left the vet and was able to continue living his life. All this thanks to the quick thinking and kind heart of Wilson Martins Coutinho.

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