Her Dog Is Her Best Friend, But When You See Why, Your Heart Will Melt

You have probably heard many inspiring tales of dogs and what they do for their humans. Dogs are capable of incredible love, and they can make amazing companions for anyone who loves them back. In the case of Alida, her dog is helping her in the most amazing and beautiful way.

Alida is only 3 years old, and she has neuroendocrine hyperplasia of infancy, which is a rare lung disorder. Although she is dealing with more than any child should have to, especially at that age, she has Mr. Gibbs to make her life happy despite her disorder. Mr. Gibbs is always with this little girl, even carrying her oxygen for her. He is a certified service dog, and a wonderful best friend for this child as well.

He goes down the slide with her, can catch a ball, and can just sit there and relax while Alida is being loud like any toddler would be. He is one of the rare dogs who is actually good with a sometimes rambunctious young child, a fact made even more impressive when we are told that he is still just a puppy himself.

Alida’s parents often worry for her future. They don’t know if she will always need the oxygen, or if she will be able to have a normal life at some point. However, Mr. Gibbs definitely makes things better, and they are happy that she has him to help her out now, and that he will be there for her.

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