He Turns This Stack Of Wood Pieces Into The Most Beautiful Vase For His Mom!

A lot of people have a hard time deciding what to give their mothers on Mother’s Day. However, a lot of people forget that their mothers would probably prefer something homemade and full of love over something that is bought from a store.

This couple decided to make vases out of wood for their mothers. Essentially, what they did for each vase was stack several segments of wood on top of one another, and then shaped them into a vase on the outside. They also hollowed out the inside, so that their mothers would be able to put flowers in. Then, they drilled out the rim and fashioned a makeshift rim for the top of the vase.

The vases actually came out quite well. It may have been simpler to just hollow out and shape one piece of wood and make it into a vase, but this way, they were able to achieve a cool segmented effect, due to the grains of each segment running in different directions.

People who have experience in woodwork may be able to attempt a project like this, knowing what it would entail and how to make the pieces stick together. However, if you do not have the appropriate experience, make sure you do not risk your safety by doing this without the guidance of someone who knows how to handle a project like this. In the case of this couple, they made these beautiful pieces of artwork that their mothers would no doubt love.

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