He Starts Filming Himself Singing. But When He Turns His Head, THIS Person Joins In. HILARIOUS!

There is a video online of a young man named T.J. Smith. He is having a good time while he is driving down the road lip syncing to a song entitled “Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations, which was a hit back in 1968. He seems to be very nonchalant as he drives down the road.

When he looked over, he saw someone over in another car who was also singing along with him.

The video of T.J. singing has gone viral. It has already received over five million views. One commenter stated, “No matter how you are feeling, you will have a smile on your face after you have finished watching this video.” Another commenter stated “This has brought so much joy to my day. We need more things like this to spread simple joy.” Kudos to the young man in the video.” Additionally, someone else commented “This is the kind of stuff that makes us love humans.”

This video shows how one random act can brighten up someone else’s day. T.J. Smith has his own YouTube channel and has posted many other videos. Not only does he have other videos of himself singing, but he also has gaming videos.

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