He Noticed His Dog Digging Frantically At The Beach, But When He Pulls THIS Out…NO WAY!

Sheila Needs a Friend
Sheila is at the beach with no one around for her to play with. Sheila is a girl who makes friends wherever she goes, and she is not about to be discouraged by the fact that there is no one in sight. On a recent trip to the beach, Sheila began to dig.

I should probably explain at this point that Sheila is a large black dog. I would assume that she is a black lab. No one knew why she was digging, but she dug, and dug and dug. She dug until she found a friend.

Sheila Finds a Friend
Being the friendly, playful pup that Sheila is, she assumes that everyone and everything is as friendly as she is, and they will want to play with her. Sheila dug until she found what she was looking for. It was a small crab. I do believe that it may have been feeling a little crabby on this day.

At least it was not interested in becoming fast friends with Sheila. Sheila was not to be deterred by the poor disposition of her new friend, and began chasing it down the beach. They stopped and had a stare-down. When the crab looked into Sheila’s eyes, could it sense that this was a friendly (if strange looking in the eyes of a crab), being? Did Sheila look into the crab’s eyes and know that she needed to tread carefully here? Perhaps they will never be friends, but I believe they have worked our a truce between them.

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