He Just Received 105 Years In Prison, But After Seeing His Crime, I Wish It Was More Harsh

He Just Received 105 Years In Prison, But After Seeing His Crime, I Wish It Was More Harsh

It’s been a deliberating two-year battle for justice against Michael Dunn in a Florida murder trial. Dunn, a 47-year-old, middle-aged white man has received a life sentence plus 105 years in prison for murdering a Florida teen.

He shattered the life of young Jordan Davis back in 2012 over loud rap music, which sparked an argument between the victim and Dunn. Software engineer, Dunn gave a testimony last month, which he thought would earn him freedom, but the trial ended bitterly. In his defense, he thought it wise to fire ten rounds of ammunition at four teens in a parked SUV to protect his well-being.

None of the other teens received injuries, but Jordan Davis was shot dead in the process of Dunn claiming self-defense. This happened at a well-known gas station in Jacksonville, Florida. Reports are that Jordan Davis, who was seventeen at the time, and his friends were unarmed.

This trial had gained a similar influence to that of Trayvon Martin against George Zimmerman, which ended differently. Zimmerman was acquitted of the murder charge last year. Martin was another 17-year-old teen with eyes on a promising future. Florida law rules that those convicted on accounts of first-degree murder received a life sentence without parole.

Dunn also receive a 90-year enhancement sentence for 3-counts of attempted murder for earlier convictions involving teens. Prosecutors saw it fit to waive the death penalty, which happened before the trial hearing. The jury panel which included two blacks and ten whites reached a guilty verdict in under 5 hours. The presiding attorney raised a solid argument, which rendered Dunn guilty for fleeing the scene without calling 911.

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