Gwen Stefani Sees A Bullied Kid In Audience – Then He Climbs On Stage And STUNS Them All…

Gwen Stefani Sees A Bullied Kid In Audience – Then He Climbs On Stage And STUNS Them All…

No one likes bullying, and the general consensus in society is that bullying should be quelled entirely. Bullying is far too common an issue in contemporary society, and the only way to fight it is for systemic changes to occur in the way children are raised, educated, and generally nourished. Parents often hope that societal figures, like politicians and celebrities, will use their power to create positive communication about the problem in the hopes of combating it wherever possible. There are few examples of this that are more comprehensive that what Gwen Stefani recently did for one of her fans.

The music idol was recently performing a show in West Palm Beach, Florida. The venue was huge, and there were thousands of people in the audience dying to see their favorite pop musician. Gwen started the show with her usual positive vibes, and while she performed her first few songs, she observed the crowd from behind the lights of the stage. In the middle of the crowded venue she could see an older woman who was clearly there with her kids, and she was holding a white poster board far over her head. Gwen was curious about the sign, so she stopped the show and asked the mother to bring the sign up to the stage.

When Gwen finally got her hands on the sign, she read it out loud so her audience could hear. The sign said that the woman’s son had been bullied for most of his life, but when he listened to her music, it made him smile. Her son, who was named Brandon, was able to use Gwen’s music as an inspiration for confidence and strength. When the truth of this fan’s devotion dawned on Gwen, she called into the crowd for the boy to join her on stage. One can only imagine the exhilaration Brandon felt as he approached the stage through the parted crowd, all of whom where simultaneously jealous and happy for the boy.

When Brandon reaches the stage, he slowly climbs up in what appears to be a state of shock. Only moments ago, he was standing in the crowd listening to his favorite musician, his idol, and now he was only inches from her. Gwen smiles at the boy and grabs his hands, swinging them high into the air. Brandon and Gwen then face the roaring crowd, and Brandon can’t help but cry tears of joy at the experience.

After the concert, Stefani posted a recount of the event for her fans through Facebook. She spoke of how she once prayed her fame would give her the ability to help others in even the smallest ways, and that young boy was the closest thing she had ever gotten to a real answer. In proof of that, she also invited Brandon and his mother back to the stage when she took her last bow of the night, and they were also invited backstage to meet Gwen’s children. She had two boys who were close to Brandon’s age, and she knew they would get along. It’s a shame more celebrities don’t do things for their fans at this level. It just goes to show that anyone can make a difference, but if you’re a famous musician, you get a few more opportunities than the average person.

These sorts of events show that bullying is a universally hated epidemic, and victims of bullying deserve just as much love and respect as everyone else. If you see someone getting bullied, you shouldn’t just stand by and watch it happen. A lot of victims never have anyone stand up for them, so they just continue being victims until the bully gets bored and moves on, which may not happen for years. Imagine the difference one person can make.

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