Goose Pecks At The Door Of A Police Car And Leads The Officers To The Scene Of A Goose-Crime

Canadian geese are notorious for becoming aggressive when protecting their young. They’ll chase away anything that gets too close, human or animal. There are countless videos across the internet of mother geese chasing terrified people and animals away from their young. That wasn’t the case with this mother goose however.

When the goose came pecking on his car door, the police officer tried feeding her, but she made it clear that wasn’t what she was after. She continued to peck and honk at his door. Then she began to walk away from the officer, and when she looked back at him, he decided to follow her.

He discovered that the mother goose was leading him to her baby, who was tangled in the string of a balloon. Another officer was called to the scene to help. One of the officers worked to free the little gosling as the other shot video of the incident. The mother goose could be seen pacing nearby, honking to her baby like the concerned parent she was.

As soon as the baby was free from the string, the relieved pair of geese hurried off, and the officers were left with an amazing story to tell. It seems that even geese know who to call in emergencies.

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