Ellen Surprises This Woman With A Call To Her Husband, Then A BIG Surprise. Tear-Jerking

A young military wife wrote to Ellen De Generes following a complaint from her husband that the men in his company were sharing underwear. She jokingly asks the daytime talk show host if she would be willing to send the men some “Ellen boxers.” However, she never expected the events that would unfold following her simple request.

Ellen invites the mom of 2.5 children onto the show to share her story. She starts the visit by agreeing to send the underwear to southwest Asia. To the woman’s surprise, the celebrity arranges a Skype visit with her husband. Both tearfully recount the trials and tribulations endured by all due to his separation from the family. The children in particular are concerned about their father’s well-being. The children are also welcomed to the stage to see their father. The youngsters blow kisses to their dad and tell him they love him.

It seems that the young mother and her children also regularly watch Ellen and she is quite a celebrity in the household. The youngsters, aged two and three in turn also give her kisses. Then in her unique charitable way, Ellen presents the family with a multitude of gifts for the expected infant. But the good tidings do not stop there.

To top it all off, De Generes announces that a company is willing to pay off the couple’s student loans. A studio employee presents the family with a monstrous check to the tune of $20,000. However, what the video fails to show includes the fact that the young soldier is actually in the studio backstage and is amazingly reunited with his beloved family.

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