Cute Little Girl Flaunts Her Incredible Ice Skating Moves

Parents sometimes hear that it’s best to start children off as young as possible with sports and extracurricular activities. A little girl started to learn how to ice skate when she started learning how to walk.

She seems to enjoy being on the ice, and her parents likely encourage her to keep doing what she loves. She’s a little girl who is only 3, but if she maintains the love of ice skating, then there is a chance that she might compete in the Olympics or another competition in the future.

Children who are taught to enjoy a sport instead of constantly being told that they have to compete for something and who have the support and encouragement from parents often have a higher level of self-confidence.

The little girl is wearing a sparkly blue dress and white ice skates while performing in front of an audience. She skates to the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and appears to skate just about as well as she can walk. There are even a few tricks that she can do on the skates. She doesn’t appear to be afraid of being in the public eye, and she looks like she has fun while skating.

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