Customers Disgusted By Old Grandpa Making A Mess – Then His Son Leaves Them Speechless…

Babies are totally helpless. They are dependent on mom and dad for everything. It is up to parents to fulfill babies’ needs and make sure that they are happy. As babies get older, they become more independent. However, many elderly people are a lot like babies. They are often dependent on other people to take care of their basic needs.

A son took his father to a restaurant. The father, who is elderly, kept dropping things on his pants as he ate. Although the customers were staring and quite disgusted, the son kept his cool the entire time. He wiped his father and cleaned up the mess. He did not say a word as he cleaned up his father. The son then payed the bill and walked out of the restaurant.

The people in the restaurant were silent. They did not understand how a man who was clearly embarrassed could pretend as though nothing had happened. As the man walked out of the restaurant, someone asked if he had left something behind.

The man stated that he did not leave anything. However, the person told the man that he left an important example for other people to follow. One of the best things you can do is care for someone who has cared for you.

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