Chicago’s Police Dept. Mocks Trump For His Rediculous Promises On Crime

Donald Trump has been called out innumerable times during his Presidential campaign, but his mouth never stops. The latest official to try to put some shame into the bigoted blowhard is Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

Johnson responded when Trump tried to use the Chicago murder of Bulls star Dwayne Wade’s cousin as campaign fodder. Trump tweeted, “Just what I have been saying, African-Americans will vote Trump!” He added, “Vote for me and you won’t get shot!” But fed up with both violence and willful ignorance on the subject, Johnson retorted, “If you have a magic bullet to stop the violence anywhere–not just in Chicago, but in America–then please share it with us! We’d be glad to take that information and stop this violence.”

However, it’s clear Trump does not have the slightest clue. In addition, 20% of the guns coming into Chicago are from Indiana, the state governed by Trump’s running mate. Gov. Mike Pence took restrictions off sawed-off shotguns, which doesn’t sound much like a way to reduce gun violence. Chicago stands out as a city with rising crime rates while in most of the country crime is dropping–I wonder why.

Trump’s rhetoric has become so racist, uninformed, divisive and belittling that he’s even alienated the Republican party and lost the support of ultra-conservative Fox News. In response to Trump’s call for more police brutality to deal with crime, Bill O’Reilly, who lost custody of his kids after choking his wife, told Trump that cops can’t “just beat people up.”

But Trump is beyond listening and learning how to responsibly deal with major issues, not because he’s incapable but because he’s totally unwilling to do so. He was born into privilege so unassailable that he’s never in his life had to be answerable for anything he said or did. And it’s too late to start now. He’s bought his way out of multiple violations of the Fair Housing Act, just as he’ll buy his way out of the Trump University scandal.

It’s hard to imagine in what universe black voters would go for Trump. Or why anyone would vote for a man who mocks others, denigrates whole nationalities and religions and shamelessly tries to capitalize on tragedy.

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