Bullied Kid Walks Onstage, As He Breaks Into Tears The Audience’s Reaction Is…

14 year old Jack Higgins has a problem with bullies. He has been dealing with bullies for most of his life. Not because he is overweight or looks different, but because he enjoys dancing ballet. His peers tease him and say he should be playing football instead of participating in girly activities like dancing.

The other boys don’t understand that dancing requires much of the same disciplines that football requires like strength and stamina. Jack did not let their taunts deter him and chose to do something about it.

Jack Higgins made the decision to audition for Britain’s Got Talent to show his enemies that he could succeed and overcome their abusive teasing. After Jack’s incredible performance, Jack told the judges, and the audience, of his ordeals with the bullying he endures at school. Simon Cowell, who’s normally very staunch and direct, told Jack that the one thing that bullies hate seeing, is the people they bully succeed.

The audience was deeply moved and gave Jack a standing round of applause after his elegant and emotional ballet performance. All the judges gave Jack their approval by giving him a resounding “Yes” and moved him onto the next round.

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