Bride Has THE Perfect Wedding – 3 Months Later She Can’t Remember WHO Her Husband Is…

Kim and Krickett met in 1992 and they had a whirlwind romance and got married the following year. The two were happy to start their lives together, but tragedy struck 10 weeks after their wedding… The couple got into a terrible car accident. Kim recovered with no lasting complications, but Krickett’s condition was serious. He stayed in a coma for three weeks, and doctors did not think that he would make it.

Although Krickett woke up from the coma three weeks later, she had serious brain damage. She had to re-learn how to talk, walk and even go to the bathroom. She didn’t remember her husband. In a matter of months, Krickett went from being in love with her husband to not knowing who he was. During an interview with Oprah in 1996, she stated that she was told Kim was her husband, so she went along with it.

Kim tried hard to do things to make his wife remember him. However, she tried to push him away. Things eventually got better for the couple. Oprah asked Kim what made him stick by his wife. He stated that he took his vows seriously. He promised to love and cherish his wife no matter what. Kim and Krickett’s love story was the inspiration behind the 2012 hit movie “The Vow.”

The couple recently appeared on OWN Network’s show “Where Are They Now?” They have two children. The couple calls their children “The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow.” Krickett stated that she still does not remember a lot of what happened in her life before the accident.

Because Krickett does not have memories of her first wedding, the couple decided to have a second one. Kim stated that the second wedding was far more important to him because it was about starting over and building new memories. When Hollywood approached the couple about making a movie, they said that they were not surprised. They were always told that their love story would make a great movie.

The couple had an opportunity to meet Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, who were the stars of “The Vow”. They stated that they were impressed with Channing and Rachel’s performance. The couple also stated that they look at life differently now than they did before the accident.

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