Boy Plays “Pie In The Face” Game With Surprised Dog

The idea of being pied in the face is something that has entertained kids for decades. From circuses and carnivals to church activities, it is something that can make a kid squeal with laughter. A new game by Hasbro, entitled “Pie Face”, is taking the internet and family game tables over by storm.

The idea is simple-turn a handle a certain amount of times and wait anxiously to see if you get a pie in the face. Videos of kids and adults alike have gone viral through various social media sites. Usually the contestants hope to not get hit in the face, but for Macky-a family-friendly Rottweiler-it’s all about getting hit in the face.

As his little owner turns the crank to see whether or not Macky gets creamed, the giddy dog is secretly hoping the paddle containing the sweet goodness gets hurled his way. As the crank counts down, one can almost see the anticipation building in his jowls. Finally, the handle goes up with its whipped cream going directly onto Macky’s nose.

He quickly licks as much of it as he can much to the squealing delight of the little boy turning the crank. Most humans would have been quick to wipe their face, but not Macky. Instead of the humiliation of being pied in the face, he got to enjoy a free treat without even doing a trick. This game is a not just a kid’s delight. It is also a dog’s dream.

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