Both Her Parents Passed Away – Watch When Her Aunt Brings Her Into The Attic…

Life can be tough as a teen, but especially when you have to adjust to big and unexpected changes. In a video that went viral recently, the public was introduced to a teen named Madison who recently lost both of her parents.

After they died, her aunt Linda took her in and Madison had to move out-of-state to live with her family. While she was grateful to be with family, it was still difficult to adjust to the changes. However aunt Linda was determined to do her best to make Madison comfortable in her new home.

In her new home, Madison had her own room which was the former attic space in the house. Not exactly the most glamorous, but it was her own. To make her feel more at home, aunt Linda decided to surprise Madison by giving her room a total makeover. Not only was the room totally repainted, it was also redone in a way to honor Madison’s lost parents.

Around the room were reminders of the parents that she lost too soon. A beautiful mural painted on the wall showed a tree with two birds overlooking two smaller birds which represent her parents looking over her and her brother. Pictures of her, her brother, and her parents were also hung around the room.

Madison was overjoyed when she saw the room and became tearful when she saw the reminders of her parents. Of her aunt’s surprise she said, “This is an amazing room and I am so thankful she did this for me. This is more of my home now, and I am taking it in, this is my home”. Welcome home, Madison.

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