Anti Drunk Driving Commercial Isn’t What I Expect But It Hits Home Harder Than I Ever Imagined

Everyone knows that drinking and driving are dangerous. In fact, it is the single biggest cause of roadside deaths second only to texting while driving. National brewer Budweiser has launched a campaign to promote responsible drinking called “Friends are Waiting”. The commercial takes a very tender approach to remind people that when you leave your home to enjoy a night out which includes drinking, loved ones are awaiting your return.

In this 60 second commercial, a young adult male buys a purebred Labrador puppy. He is seen cuddling up with it in his bed, and taking it out on walks. In one scene, he arrives at a lake where his friends have gathered for a swim. Both he and his dog, now an adult, are seen jumping straight into the water.

At play is the classic image of “dog is man’s best friend”. Then, on one evening, he is seen heading out with friends as they take with them a case of Budweiser beer. The last thing the master tells his dog is to wait for him, and he’ll be back later that evening.

His dog waits. It waits and he never returns. Its eyes are seen raised in a longing manner. As car headlights illuminate the street, it eagerly raises its head expecting to see its master return, but he doesn’t.

The caption for the commercial reads that for some people the waiting for a loved one to return never ends. However, just then the master re-enters the house. He apologizes to his faithful friend telling him that he had drank too much and didn’t think it safe to drive home in that condition. The point is clear: you owe it to your loved ones to make it back safe. Drink responsibly.

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