Ann Coulter Truly Believes Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote

Ann Coulter Truly Believes Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote

This article from the liberal leaning “” discusses a recent interview from conservative commentator Ann Coulter about her latest book decrying the United States’ current immigration policies.

Coulter holds that Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration overhaul was presented as a way to bring more immigrants to the United States to boost the economy but was really a left wing conspiracy hatched to create an influx of individuals who primarily vote Democrat.

These new Democratic voters, Coulter contends, were from “peasant cultures” that remained poor and on government benefits for generations, thereby, according to her, continuing to support the candidates of the Democratic Party.

The discussion shifted to women when Coulter noted that Mitt Romney would have completed a landslide victory over Barack Obama in 2012 if the immigrant population of the United States were not so high.

The interviewer pointed out that Romney still lost a large portion of the votes of women, to which Coulter responded-tongue in cheek, based on the tone of her voice-that her position is that women should not have the right to vote.

This statement was met with laughter from the male interviewer, indicating he may have interpreted the comment as a joke Nevertheless, the author of this article seems to think that Coulter is being downright inflammatory and disrespectful of her own gender.

The article also hits on the follow up portion of the interview, in which Coulter discusses the idea of not being able to vote if an individual does not pay taxes. Like much of what Ann Coulter says, these comments could easily be interpreted as both serious as well as tongue in cheek with the intention of starting conversations.

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