Alabama Tea Party Candidate And Radio Show Host Gets Busted For Dealing Meth

Alabama Tea Party Candidate And Radio Show Host Gets Busted For Dealing Meth

A Tuscaloosa defense attorney and conservative talk show host was arrested last Friday when state law enforcement agents tracked parts of a methamphetamine lab to his law practice.
John Fisher Jr., 48, who is also a guest lecturer at the University of Alabama and ran under the Tea Party flag for a state legislature seat in 2010, losing in the primaries to Republican Bill Poole, was taken into custody by members of the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force along with 42-year-old Christopher Shane Rushing of Northport. The task force also seized 369 grams of “meth oil”, which can be easily transported and can be applied to paper for later use, smoked, or injected.

Tuscaloosa Police spokeswoman Lt. Teena Richardson told reporters Rushing had dropped off a backpack containing meth lab components at a Tuscaloosa business, prompting agents to set up surveillance. They then saw Fisher leave with the backpack and take it back to his office on Greensboro Avenue.

Later, when Rushing came and retrieved the backpack, both men were arrested and consent was obtained to search Rushing’s car. According to police, they found a one-pot meth lab and 369 grams of meth oil, made by cooking the ingredients and skimming the “oil” off the top of the mixture.
Fisher, who earned his bachelor’s degree from Columbus State and later graduated from the University Of Alabama School Of Law, and Rushing were both charged with trafficking methamphetamine. Fisher was released from jail on a $250,000 bond, while Rushing currently remains incarcerated with bail also set at $250,000.

Richardson told reporters more arrests are pending; as of Monday, Fisher had made no statement regarding his arrest on social media and his radio website for the John Fisher Show had been suspended.

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