8-Year-Old Beats Would-Be-Kidnapper Until She Lets Go Of His 2-Year-Old Brother

It is normal for siblings to fight, but they usually look out for each other. A 2-year-old boy is alive thanks to the actions of his 8-year-old brother. The young boy was at the bus stop with his mother and brother. A woman walked up to them and told the mother that she had a beautiful kid. The woman then tried to take the toddler away from his mother.

The woman hit the mother and pulled the toddler away from her. The 8-year-old immediately took action. He hit the woman several times and demanded that she let his brother go. She eventually let the toddler go and ran off. However, the family was not going to let the woman get away.

The mother called 911. The police were able to locate the woman whose name is Lisa Arnold. She is 52-years-old. This was the not the first time that she attempted to kidnap someone.

In fact, she had tried to kidnap another child just 20 minutes prior. Lisa has been arrested and charged with two counts of attempted kidnapping. If it had not been for the actions of the 8-year-old boy, then this woman would likely still be on the street.

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